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In Ohio, Mercedes Shaday was in love with Markiece Brown and expecting their first child. This young lady suffers from depression and had suicide attempts in the past.
Angelica Ivania Barahona-Rivas was reported missing after she failed to return home from work on Saturday night. Barahona-Rivas is the cousin of Damaris Alexandra Reyes Rivas, who was murdered two weeks earlier.
In Breese, Jake Arter was at a party when another dude punched him and he collapsed. His friends drove him to the hospital while one performing CPR on him. He soon died from his injury.....
Authorities say a 29-year-old Colombian soccer player has been arrested on a domestic violence charge after an altercation with his girlfriend at a Miami Beach hotel. His girlfriend is also the mother of his children.
The huge question that had been looming over Jose Reyes since last Halloween was answered Friday. However, the main questions that affect Reyes’ major-league career still linger over Reyes’ future and the Rockies. Questions, questions, and more ques
A Quebec Junior AA hockey player who was handcuffed on the ice by provincial police in February following an incident with a referee has been charged with assault.